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BrainFrame allows you to specify areas of interest within a video stream and gain specific insights about that area. These come in two forms, regions and lines, which are collectively referred to as "zones". Region zones are often used for counting objects inside of a region. Line zones are for counting objects that have crossed the line.

Creating a Zone

To create a zone, start by clicking on the video stream that you want to add the zone to in the grid view, then click the "Task Config" button in the bottom-right.

You will see the Task Configuration window. This window allows us to create zones and add alarms to these zones, which will be discussed in the next section. For now, click on the "Region" or "Line" button to start creating a zone of that type.

To specify where a region is located, click to create the region's vertices one-by-one. When the region is complete, click the "Confirm" button. For lines, click to specify where the line starts, then click again to specify where it ends.

Now that we know how to create zones in a stream, we will discuss how to get information from these zones with alarms.