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Deploying a Public Server

Before making a BrainFrame server publicly accessible, some additional configuration is required.


By default, BrainFrame does not authorize clients. Authorization should always be turned on for public deployments to prevent unauthorized access. See this section on authorization configuration for more information.


Be sure that the admin user's default password has been changed before continuing.

Port Forwarding

BrainFrame requires that certain ports are forwarded so that the client and other external programs may establish connections to it. Below is a table of ports BrainFrame uses and their purpose. For ways to reconfigure these ports, see this section on port configuration.

Port Purpose
80 BrainFrame API, dashboard, documentation
8004 StreamGateway server communication
5533 RTSP streams for video files
10000-10100 StreamGateway server video streams


BrainFrame also makes a Postgres server available on port 5432, but that port should not be forwarded for security reasons.