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Offline Deployment

Some customers may prefer to deploy BrainFrame on a machine that does not have internet access. This document describes how that may be accomplished, assuming that a separate machine with internet access is available.

Save Docker Images

Start by deploying BrainFrame on a separate development machine using the instructions found on the Getting Started page.

When BrainFrame is running, open another terminal, and you will see the list of containers we are running for deployment:

docker ps

The list of of containers should look like this:

CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                                            COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS                     PORTS               NAMES
c462fa89dc72        aotuai/brainframe_core:0.25.2                    "./brainframe_server…"   4 hours ago         Exited (0) 3 hours ago                         release_api_1
54b731bc2a04        aotuai/brainframe_http_proxy:0.25.2              "nginx -g 'daemon of…"   4 hours ago         Exited (0) 3 hours ago                         release_proxy_1
d6ad0f9e0675        aotuai/brainframe_docs:0.25.2                "nginx -g 'daemon of…"   4 hours ago         Exited (0) 3 hours ago                         release_docs_1
4894246049a0        postgres:9.6.17-alpine                        "/ mysq…"   4 hours ago         Exited (0) 3 hours ago                         release_database_1
ac564e32f7eb        aotuai/brainframe_dashboard:0.25.2           "/"                4 hours ago         Exited (0) 3 hours ago                         release_dashboard_1

The above containers are the ones we need to save, ignore the other containers just in case you have your own containers running at the same time.

The next step is to save those images, you can do this by running the docker save command:

docker save IMAGE [IMAGE...] -o OUTPUT

For example, in this case, you should run:

docker save \
    aotuai/brainframe_core:0.25.2 \
    aotuai/brainframe_http_proxy:0.25.2 \
    aotuai/brainframe_docs:0.25.2 \
    postgres:9.6.17-alpine \
    aotuai/brainframe_dashboard:0.25.2 \
    -o brainframe

Now all the images we need are save in BrainFrame under the current directory.

Load Docker Images

Once you have the packaged Docker images, copy it to the offline machine, and load it:

docker load -i brainframe