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Technical Introduction


The BrainFrame documentation uses terms that are common in video analytics but may have different meanings in other fields. We also use a few generic terms to describe specific BrainFrame concepts. If you are new to video analytics or are ever confused by a term, please take a look at this guide.

Term Meaning
Stream The live stream that is being fed to the Client or to the Server. A stream is video of some sort, from a video file, webcam, or IP camera.
Detection Any machine learning detection. A detection is a "bounding box", and has a label (person, car, dog, etc).
Region An area on-screen that has been configured by the user. It could be a door, an area on the floor, etc. The server will automatically count detections in that region.
Line A line on the screen. It can count people that cross it, and count who is currently standing on the line.
Zone A region or a line
Alarm A set of conditions that must occur in a stream in order for an Alert to be raised.
Alert An "Alert" is an instance of a specific Alarm occurring. Alerts have a start time and an end time. You can see a log of alerts under the In-Focus view for a stream.
Journaling Writing analysis results to a SQL database.

Architecture Diagram