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BrainFrame CLI


The BrainFrame Command Line Interface (CLI) is used to install, update, and control the lifecycle of the BrainFrame Server. The BrainFrame server consists of several smaller microservices, which are containerized using Docker. The lifecycle and control of those services is delegated to a tool called Docker Compose, which helps configure the orchestration of these containers.

For instructions on the installation of the CLI, please refer to our getting started guide.

You always want to have the latest version of the CLI. To update, run:

sudo -H pip3 install --upgrade brainframe-cli

Command Structure

All CLI commands are structured as

brainframe [Command] [Arguments]

To view a list of commands, you can use brainframe --help. To view help for a specific command, you can use brainframe [Command] --help.

Helpful Commands

These are the general commands we expect users will be using most often, so we call them out.

Starting the server

brainframe compose up -d

If you remove the -d flag, it will attach the logs stream to your terminal, and allow you to close the server when you Ctrl+C.

Stopping the server

brainframe compose down

Restarting the server

brainframe compose up -d

Updating the server

sudo brainframe update

Streaming Logs

To view all logs, run:

brainframe compose logs -f

To view logs just for the core service, run:

brainframe compose logs -f core