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Capsule Options


Capsule Options allow users to customize behaviors of the capsule, for example, using a threshold to filter out less confident detections from an algorithm. Capsules can define their own options, and hence different capsules will have different configurable options.

Once a capsule is loaded, its options will be set to the default value, and those values will apply to all streams. This tutorial will demonstrate how to set the global capsule options, and override global capsule options for specified streams.

Global Capsule Options

Global capsule options are applied to all video streams, except those which have overridden the option for a specific stream. In this example, we have two video streams and two capsules loaded.

To set the global capsule options, click Capsules icon on the left-bottom of the client, you will see the loaded capsules and their options.

You can see that there are two options for Detector Face Fast. One is to enable this capsule or not, the other one is the threshold.

You can change the capsule options value by clicking the checkbox or editing the text box, depending on the type of the option. You can always click the Reset to Defaults button on the right corner to discard your changes and restore the default values.

Let's disable this capsule by unchecking the checkbox after Capsule Enabled, then click the Apply button.

Now if you go back to the video streams, you will see Detector Face Fast has been disabled for all videos.

Override Global Capsule Option

You can set unique capsule options for the specified video stream and leave the other videos stream using the global capsule option. For instance, we want to enable Detector Face Fast for the first video stream and leave it disabled for the second one. Click the first video, then on the video view, click Stream Capsule Config button on the right-bottom.

In the Stream Capsule Options view, check Override Global checkbox for Capsule Enabled Option, then check the check box in the Value column. Finally, click Apply to make it effective.

Now let's go back to the video view, you will face detection for the first video, but not for the second one.