BrainFrame Receives NVIDIA Metropolis Certification

Aotu’s BrainFrameTM has been certified by NVIDIA Metropolis program, and can now be found through the NVIDIA Metropolis Portal.

Brainframe is an intelligent video analytics platform intended to be easy to scale, highly configurable, and deployable on-premise or to the cloud. BrainFrame supports modular algorithmic configuration through the form of a large library of VisionCapsules, each that is capable of extracting different pieces of information from the video: Detector People And Vehicles, Detector Face, Recognizer Face, Encoder People, Tracker Person, Tracker Vehicle. These VisionCapsules represent the basis for most video analytics use-case verticals, and output the following useful information: Cross-frame-tracked person and vehicle detections, face detections and face recognition.

With these capsules loaded, you can do queue management for Smart Retail or Smart Restaurant scenarios, vehicle tracking for Smart City, and in-store foot traffic optimization among many other use cases. With people encoding, it is easy to recognize people’s uniforms – such as identifying employees from customers even without using face recognition.

Once a use case has been identified, it is trivial to drag-and-drop one of our existing VisionCapsules to add even more functionality to your BrainFrame installation, such as gender or age classification, license plate detection, and more.