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Forbes: BrainFrame - Smart Vision AI Developers Kit Is Accelerating Computer Vision Applications

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AAEON and Aotu Announce the Release of a Smart Vision AI Developers Kit on an Intel AI Platform for IOT

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Intel Solution Brief: End-To-End Solution Powers Textile Industry Transformation

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How BrainFrame Works

Choose your Video Source

Brainframe is built to easily connect to hundreds, even thousands of live video feeds in under an hour, no coding required.

Enjoy plug and play compatibility with leading stationary IP cameras, video surveillance, video formats, and content management systems.

Drag and drop VisionCapsules

VisionCapsules, the first interoperable AI standard co-released by BrainFrame and OpenCV enables both creation of algorithms and the dynamic assembly of multiple algorithms at run time.

Drag and drop functionality with leading AI accelerator chipsets and machine learning frameworks. All with minimal time and coding requirements.

Transform Any Video Into Insights

Brainframe eliminates the hassle and complexity of deployment so users can focus on turning video data into actionable insights. Use AI to track zones, objects, or even behaviors that can trigger real-time alerts or incorporate into business intelligence systems.

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